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Giving Back To Those In Need

Here at Platinum Dental we firmly believe that there is more to being a great business than just doing great business. We believe that we owe a debt to the communities that we are privilege to work and thrive among. 

This is why, from the very beginning, we have done our best to make sure that we are truly contributing and giving back in a way that will really make a difference. Every year each of our dental teams that is willing and able sets aside a day where they offer FREE dental services to those in the community who are in need. 

We have literally seen lives changed through our “Be The Reason” program and we are honored and proud to lead the charge for positive change in the world. 

Hundreds of Volunteers

Every year on FREE DENTAL DAY hundreds of our team members from the Platinum Dental Association come together and donate their time and skills to care for our neighbors. 

Donations from Sponsors

We’ve even gotten our vendors in on the magic and every year get donations for the essential supplies we need to make this day a success.

$82,000 of Dental Work

At the end of the day we’re always astonished by what we’ve been able to accomplish and humbled by the people we’re lucky enough to serve.

In 2019 the Platinum Dental Organization celebrated our most successful Free Dental Day ever culminating in some amazing stats overall: 

  • 13 Locations
  • 16 Dentists
  • $82,000 in Donated Dentistry
  • 295 Patients Served
  • 150+ Volunteers

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