We believe it's time to walk the walk in this industry by living up to the core values of dentistry. We invite you to do the same.

Core Values

Each year more dentists join our support organization because of the values we share and hold as our number one priority. The following core values are designed to help us strengthen relationships with patients while enhancing our performance and company culture. If you feel that these values align with those that are important to you, let’s talk about how we can work together to spread more quality dental care in the world.

Service Oriented

Customer service is the heartbeat of our industry because helping people is literally the point of what we do. We believe in building a better world by serving people no matter who they are. It is our belief that to be successful we must learn to put others needs before ours. We believe in serving all people without discrimination and that this type of service is the basis for a better world. Dentists who partner with Platinum Dental are committed to helping patients in any circumstance. 

Patient-Focused Business

Every dentist knows that to keep patients returning year after year we need to focus on and understand their needs. We believe that patients choose dentists because of the care they receive there. Platinum Dental manages all the offices in our care with laser focused attention to creating an environment that makes people feel welcome, safe, and appreciated. In this way we ensure your patients are well cared for so your practice can thrive.

Do More With Less

Successful businesses grow when we are efficient with the resources we have. When you utilize your resources properly, company profits will increase which will help you out in the long run. We work directly with all our partners to collaborate on ways to do more with less and improve your company profits with our office management software.

Prioritize Team and Family Relationships

Running a dental practice can be taxing on relationships, which is why we feel our work is so important. With the aid of Platinum Dental you’ll be able (and encouraged) to spend more time focusing on the people that matter most in your life. We believe as you strengthen your most important relationships you’ll be happier and as a result you’ll be able to provide greater care and compassion for your patients.

Love Lifelong Learning

Platinum Dental believes that education empowers us and allows us to provide better healthcare. When we educate ourselves we are able to best teach our patients how to care for their smiles. We encourage all our dentists to receive continuing education as often as they can and have seen endless growth come to the practices that follow this principle.

Strive to Be Humble

Humility is not easy, especially when higher education provides many opportunities for great advantages in life. However, if we lose the ability to identify with and listen to the concerns of those we serve we believe we have failed to make the difference we are here to make. Humility is essential to keep us grounded in the service we render.

Value Honesty and Integrity

When it comes to taking care of our patients, honesty really is the best policy. Patients feel confident when they can tell that you are genuine in your interactions with them. Where other dentists lose countless patients who are frustrated with problems and fees they didn’t see coming when people believe they can trust you they will become loyal customers for life. 

Project Positivity

No one wants to go to a dentist who makes them feel scared or anxious about the work to be done. It has been proven time and again, when you project a positive attitude not only will it help others feel confident in your abilities, but it can significantly affect the results of your work. Believe in yourself and the power of positivity and together let’s create an environment where patients and team members feel safe, happy, and confident. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We believe that teamwork elevates our ability to provide quality dental care in many ways. When team members feel valued they’re more likely to invest themselves personally in the success of the work they do. More than that, collaboration helps dental teams cultivate a quality workplace. We believe in a safe work environment that is free of danger and judgement and is a perfect place to nurture success for everyone.

Clinical Excellence.

While you can’t judge a book by its cover, your patients are going to make many decisions about you based upon what they see and feel when they visit for the first time. Here at Platinum Dental we invest time and money to help all of our offices stay ahead of the curve with the latest equipment and facilities. But it is essential for every team member to strive for clinical excellence in each and every encounter with a patient. It is our responsibility to bring the best that dentistry has to offer to every community we are located in. 

It’s our goal to improve dental care across America by uniting in our pursuit of these values and goals. Elevate the care you provide by joining with like-minded dentists who have similar values to your own. If you're ready to increase company profits and offer better care, give us a call today.

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