Helping Dentists Take Control of Their Future

We’ve got the capital, expertise, and support you need to work less and find more success.

Dental Schools Can’t Prepare You For How Much Of Being a Dentist Isn’t Dentistry Anymore.

More dentists are FAILING at their chosen profession than ever before because of how ill prepared they are to balance all the demands of running a practice. 

It seems like you can’t just be a dentist any more, you HAVE to be an entrepreneur trained in marketing, HR management, web design, accounting, and a million other things.

Specialized Support

Stop trying to do everything! Take advantage of teams of specialists who make it easy to be confident you’re running your business in the best way possible.

Worry-Free Capital

You deserve to be invested in! With our pool of capital we will help you organize, market and grow your business without worrying about that investment cost.

Accelerated Growth

When your practice is getting expert support and the cash flow needed to keep up with and market for growth you’re going to see business explode.

More Money

More patients and less time spent balancing logistics means less work and a lot more money to live the life of your dreams.

Own Your Future!

With support from Platinum Dental Services you can actually build the practice you dream of building, creating a brand people respect and a lifestyle you love.

Guess what?
It doesn’t have to be that way.

Isolation, discouragement, that feeling that any minute your world you’ve worked so hard to build is going to fall out from under you…

We’ve felt it first hand. That’s why Platinum Dental Services was born. 

Our mission is to maximize your ability to serve the patients you got into this business to serve.   We want to arm you with the best technology in the industry and help keep your office up-to-date and running smoothly.


That is what drives our dedication and support of you, and your ambitions. We wake up each day to be the reason you’re happy, and successful. 

What’s The Platinum Dental Promise?

1- Get To Know Each Other

No relationship works without great communication. That’s why our very first step is to have a good long heart-to-heart where we help you get all the information you need to make this informed decision.

2- Create A Plan​

When we both know we’re a great fit for each other and you join the family then it’s time to create a plan for your practice. We’ll outline all the things needed to help your budding business blossom into a dental powerhouse.

3- Make it Happen

Then, with our entire family behind you, we’ll get to work leveraging the capital, expertise, and time of all our people to make sure our resources are at your disposal and used to help you achieve everything you dreamed your practice could be.

Saving a Place For You!

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Dental Partners
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You Became a Dentist for a Reason...
It’s Time To Actually Live That Life!

You have a purpose that’s greater than the office and with our support you can finally live it.

Want To Know The True Potential of Your Practice with Platinum Dental Services?

We’d love to show you how much your practice is worth on the open market and how much we value it because we know how it can grow. Just fill out the form and we’ll get started on a valuation right away!