You Don't Have To Do this Alone.

What if you could retain your independence while cutting your workload in half?

We often hear people glamorizing the life of a dentist as though the moment we get out of school life’s a free ride, but we can tell you from personal experience– that’s just a load of bull! 

Dental schools teach practitioners to provide great care for patients’ oral health, but they leave us woefully unprepared as business owners and half a million dollars in debt.

For most dentist owners it seems like there are only two options: sell out to a faceless corporation or struggle alone under the crushing demands of a solo-practice…

But There is Another Way To Build Success.

We Can Stand Together!

At Platinum Dental Care, you become a part of a huge team of dentists and a handful of business experts who will help you maintain the autonomy that comes with owning your own practice while providing you with all the benefits of partnering with a larger family with shared services.

You became a dentist to create the life you want. It’s time for you to live that life!

We’re here to give you the support you need so there is more time for you to actually live the life you love.

Behind The Scenes:
How Platinum Dental Works With Dentist Owners



We take our time getting to know each other to make sure we’re  a good fit as partners. We’ll give you a fair market valuation of your practice and make sure we both feel good about things. If everything goes well, then yeah, we’ll put a ring on it! And we’ll step up to do our duty and support you in the everyday workload needed to run your business so you’ll have time to actually pursue your dreams.



From paying the bills to organizing financing options for your clients to helping you answer phone calls, our centralized services will help you keep up with best practices in the industry and improve your profitability. This means from day one your quality of life will start improving as you’ll have more time on your hands to spend how you WANT.



Use our capital to invest into your brand! Use our resources for marketing and our relationships with experts to help grow your local brand. With the support of the whole Platinum Dental family, you can grow to fit your goals and dreams for your practice whether that’s working in multiple offices to service a larger market or simply becoming the biggest name in dentistry in your town.



As your practice grows more successful more doors will open to you giving you OPTIONS for your future. Of course, Platinum Dental is always willing to evolve in our relationship to help you achieve your goals. Want to eventually sell out and be independently wealthy? We want that for you too! Let’s work together to see what we can become together.