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We have carefully hand selected the industry’s top performers and experts to turn the hassle into hustle and help your practice run at peak efficiency.

What Our Partners Can Expect

Platinum Dental Care handles everything from employee relations to  talent acquisition. We love to navigate the intricacies of staffing management and make your life that much easier. Services included for our affiliate dental offices are:

  • Payroll
  • Employee benefits
  • Compensation
  • Labor relations
  • Compliance with all current applicable state laws for your practice
  • Safety and security
  • Technological services
  • Organizational and employee development

The Platinum Dental Finance Department is ready to help you handle all of your financial and accounting needs. A certified accountant approved by you will prepare and appropriately file all of the required tax documents and reports in a timely and efficient manner so you don’t ever have to worry about the headaches of accounting for your own business.

As you already know, the credentialing process is laborious and time consuming. When you partner with us, you can kick back and relax while we handle this tedious task for you.  As soon as you provide us with the needed information, we’ll take care of the entire process start to finish.

There is an ever expanding  number of dental regulations that every dental practice must function in complete compliance with. Platinum Dental Care will work with you personally to bring your practice into line with these regulations. This includes assistance with creating and implementing a  personalized compliance program for your office and internal monitoring that includes a thorough monthly audit of clinical notes, charting, and regulatory updates.

Our procurement team establishes and maintains relationships with popular dental supply partners in the industry. We work with these trusted vendors to ensure you are able to obtain the highest quality products available while remaining cost efficient and making sure you receive your shipments in a timely manner. 

We have experts that are dedicated to familiarizing themselves with the needs of your office, including everything from gloves to chairs, and even x-ray machines. We help keep you stocked so your business can run at optimal efficiency.

Our Business Development Team at Platinum Dental Care is responsible for the full implementation of all the services we offer.

Our established relationships with dental equipment suppliers allows our team to negotiate and secure the lowest price for your dental equipment and supplies.

If you open a new office our business development team works with our legal team as they evaluate and  address construction requirements to ensure the most timely execution of a new lease. Concurring with the lease negotiation, we assist in the development of a customized floor plan, begin the contract negotiations with contractors selected and approved by you, and create a supply list for the new location. 

We work closely with our Marketing Team and our IT department to correlate the timely and carefully calculated release of direct mail flyers as well as the proper installation and activation of your software and systems. 

Our goal is to ensure your office runs like a well oiled machine the day your doors open for business.

The best run dental practices utilize a highly advanced state of the art technological infrastructure. This can be difficult to set up and maintain, but with Platinum Dental Care as your partner you’ll have constant access to all the technology experts you need to keep your office running efficiently and securely.  

We provide:

  • Remote and on-site IT support
  • Maintenance plans
  • Hardware installation and upgrades
  • Data management
  • Customized Audio visual installations
  • Backup recovery software installations
  • Telecom and data services
  • Surveillance equipment installations and monitoring set up
  • Cloud network for secure backup
  • Virtual technology for advanced treatment options

Platinum Dental Care University, also referred to as PDCU, supplies comprehensive and easy to follow guides for you and your employees providing all the knowledge, guidance, and support you need to help you achieve great success. Trainings include:

  • Leadership Boot Camps- Comprehensive and effective leadership techniques and trainings to ensure a secure, enjoyable, and effective office.
  • Registered Dental Assistant Bootcamps-Continuing education and training to ensure RDAs are in compliance with all OSHA and ADA regulations.
  • Annual trainings- Training with HIPAA, HIPAA HB300, OSHA, Sexual Harassment regulations and compliance.
  • E-claim training-This will expedite dental insurance claims ensuring efficient treatment and turn around for your office
  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization training- As you know these plans are all different. We provide the training to properly process and bill for treatments in compliance with this type of plan.
  • Customer service training-Proper and effective approach to customer service for the dental industry, ensuring happy patients as well as employees.
  • Secret shopper calls- Training to navigate these occasional calls successfully and how to implement each call to help efficiently run your office.

Our team helps submit your patient claims to insurance companies and third-party payers in compliance with all federal, state, and local government regulations. We continuously work the aged accounts receivables to ensure the timely and accurate claims submissions and payment postings. We perform any and all necessary resubmissions and appeals with the insurance companies and third-party payers.

The Platinum Dental Care Marketing Team leads the industry with the expertise to grow your unique brand and enhance your profitability.  Our specialized teams assist you in developing a custom marketing plan specific to your needs, goals, and values while keeping it cost efficient.

The Platinum Dental Care recruitment team meticulously pre-screens and filters potential candidates to find the most gifted and promising individuals in their respective fields. We are continually recruiting and scouting to ensure there is always an abundant pool of qualified talent ready to step in as new offices open and evolve. We methodically staff each practice with an optimal level of support staff to ensure efficiency and excellence.