Take Control of Your Future With A Partner Who Shares Your Dreams!

Our mission at Platinum Dental Services is to empower dentists to maintain their independence while providing quality, comprehensive dental care to their patients. We strive to provide our customers with the resources, capital, and connections they need to grow and succeed while maintaining the autonomy of their practice. We are committed to delivering exceptional service, fostering innovation, and creating a positive, collaborative atmosphere.

Dentist Owners

We started Platinum Dental Services with one goal: empower more dentists find the financial security and success they deserve by sharing the business load and letting you focus where you shine– caring for patients!

Support Services

With the shared mission of providing industry-leading patient care, our dedicated team is ready to support you with experts to help run your business, from billing and staffing to IT support and marketing.

Specialty Teams

In order to help you provide your patients with all the specialty services possible we’ve organized specialists to support you in-house bringing periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, pediatrics, and oral surgery right in your office.

Business isn’t why you became a dentist, and business is holding you back from the levels of excellence and patient care you could be achieving, not to mention the income you could be making if your business was managed correctly.  

Why Did we Start Platinum Dental Services?

Too many dentists are living below their potential! Instead of thriving as a care giving health professional they’re being sucked down by the building demands of small business ownership. 

We enable clinicians like you to provide unparalleled patient care and extraordinary service and work in a more functional, productive, autonomous organization so that you can have time to actually live the life you really want to live.

Let's Build Something Great Together!


We evaluate the best dental software

With so many products entering the dental software space, committing to any dental software and set of features can be overwhelming at best.

Our business professionals at Platinum Dental Services know the best products for your practice’s needs. If your main goal is to increase cash flow, amplify workflow efficiency, manage multiple locations, enhance patient care, grow referral business, or differentiate yourself in the marketplace we can recommend a product to fit your unique needs.

Not only do we evaluate dental software, we also provide support for your team in order to maximize the utility of the dental software you use